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Nemaflor (500 million, 50 million, 10 million, 5 million)

Steinernema feltiae for control of  Western Flower Thrips control active  between 12-30 °C.
Nemastar (500million, 50 million, 10 million)
Steinernema carpocapsae for control of Black Vine Weevil 14-30 °C.
Nemaplus  (500million, 50 million, 10 million) Steinernema feltia for control of Fungus Gnat active between 12-30 °C.
Nematop (500million, 50 million, 10 million)  Heterorhabditis bacteriophora European Chafer Grub (Rhizotrogus majalis) Japanese Beetle Grub (Popillia japonica) active between 14-30 °C.
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