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We specialize in providing:
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KAM'S GROWERS SUPPLY expands into Kingsville area!

Kam's Growers Supply has added a new location. As of January 18 2017, Kam's has assumed operation of the former CPS Evergro warehouse and office located at 39 South Talbot Road, Cottam (Kingsville). Kam's is a family owned business and has been operating out of it's Guelph based office and warehouse for over 10 years.
Kam's is committed to bringing growers quality products, fair pricing, responsive service and reliable delivery. Kam's looks forward to supporting suppliers and the Kingsville area growers!



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Now available from Kam's Growers Supply


Polyon® controlled-release fertilizer with its trademarked green colour is the market leader in the ornamental market. The Reactive Layers Coating Technology meters out nutrients via diffusion, regulated by soil temperature and coating thickness.

 Polyon Information Sheet 

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Homogenous NPK + Minors
POLYON 16-6-11  20KG 8-9
POLYON 16-6-12  20KG 5-6
POLYON 16-6-13 20KG 3-4
Homogenous NPK  
POLYON 14-14-14 20KG 4-5
Nursery Blends with COHESION
POLYON COHESION 19-5-12 20KG 5-6
Nursery Blends + Minors
POLYON 18-5-10 20KG 5-6
Custom Blends available upon request (200 bag minimum)
POLYON FIELD + MINORS 20-05-05 SPRING      20KG 4-5



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