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Kam’s Growers Supply is pleased to announce the registration and immediate availability of Deluge, a highly effective wetting agent for use on all types of growing media in nurseries, greenhouses, interior plantscapes and soilless media production. Key features of Deluge include:

-          Excellent wetting and drying properties.

-          Safe to sensitive plants.

-          Economical low use rates.

Crops grown with Deluge will irrigate more uniformly reducing costly hand watering in localized dry spots and producing a more uniform and of better quality crop.

Deluge can be used by incorporating in the growing media; as a drench application; in irrigation/fertigation systems; as a misting agent over freshly stuck cuttings; and, as a continuous overhead watering application to remove sitting water on foliage

Deluge is a liquid packaged in 9.46 L (2.5 gal) and 208 L (55 gal) drums.

Deluge Product Bulletin

 Deluge Product Label


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